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Wendy Cadge completed her Ph.D. in sociology and will join the Department of Sociology at Brandeis University in the fall of 2006. Her research interests center around religious pluralism, immigration, and gender and sexuality in the contemporary United States . Her first book, Heartwood: The First Generation of Theravada Buddhism in America is an ethnographic study of a Thai Buddhist temple in Philadelphia and a convert Buddhist center in Cambridge , Massachusetts . She has also published articles about Asian religions in America, public conflicts over homosexuality, religion and the nonprofit sector in the United States, religion and immigration, and other topics in Social Science Quarterly, Sociology of Religion, American Behavioral Scientist, Contexts: Understanding People in Their Social Worlds, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Gender & Society, and others. As a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar in Health Policy Research, she is working on a book, Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine, about the formal and informal presence of religion and spirituality in hospitals.

Curriculum Vitae Download CV here(as .pdf file), last modified 4/30/2006.
Recent Publications

Heartwood: The First Generation of Theravada Buddhism in America. Chicago : The University of Chicago Press (2005).

•Forthcoming (2006). "Constructing Buddhism(s): Interreligious Dialogue and Religious Hybridity" with Courtney Bender. Sociology of Religion.

•Forthcoming (2006). "Religion and Public Opinion about Same-Sex Marriage." With Laura Olson and James Harrison. Social Science Quarterly.

•Forthcoming (2006). “Religious Service Attendance Among Immigrants: Evidence from the New Immigrant Survey Pilot." With Elaine Howard Ecklund. American Behavioral Scientist.

•Forthcoming (2006). “Religion and the NonProfit Sector.” With Robert Wuthnow. Handbook of NonProfits. Edited by Walter Powell and Richard Steinberg. New Haven: Yale University Press.

• 2006. “Ascription, Choice, and the Construction of Religious Identities in the Contemporary United States.” With Lynn Davidman. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

• 2006. “Making Sense of Suffering and Death: How Health Care Providers' Construct Meanings in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.” With Elizabeth A. Catlin. Journal of Religion and Health. 45:2.

• 2004. “Gendered Religious Organizations: The Case of Theravada Buddhism in America.” Gender and Society. 18(6), December 777-793.

• 2004. “Buddhists and Buddhism in the United States: The Scope of Influence. With Robert Wuthnow.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. 43(3): 361-378.

• 2004. “Yoga and Rebirth in America: Asian Religions are Here to Stay. With Courtney Bender. Contexts: Understanding People in Their Social Worlds. 3(1): 45-51.

• 2002. “Vital Conflicts: The Mainline Protestant Denominations Debate Homosexuality.” The Hand of God: Faith Based Activism and the Public Role of Mainline Protestantism. Edited by Robert Wuthnow and John Evans. Berkeley: University of California Press.

• 2002. “Conceptualizing Your Community-Based Learning Project: Decisions for the Initial Stages of Project Design.” With Marion Carter, Estella Rivero, and Sara Curran. Teaching Sociology. 30(April): 158-173.

Working Papers

•"The Possibilities and Limits of Medical Science: Debates Over Double Blind Clinical Trials of Intercessory Prayer," in progress

•"Religion in the Lives of Pediatricians and Pediatric Oncologists," in progress

•"Prayers in Hospitals: A Textual Analysis," in progress for the Cognitive and Textual Methods Project

•“De Facto Congregationalism and the Religious Organizations of Post-1965 Immigrants to the United States: A Revised Approach," under review

•"Homosexuality in Mainline Protestant Congregations: How Denominational Context Influences Response, with Chris Wildeman, revise and resubmit

Contact Information E-Mail: wcadge@rwj.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-496-6219
Fax: 617-496-5149